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Upright Brand helps founders grow their business. Established by Erik Fabian, a former senior brand marketer at Moleskine and Greenhouse Software, our approach is based on research into the strategies and tactics startups need at each stage of growth.

Are you Hustling Or Being Hustled?

Today, anyone with an internet connection can piece together off-the-shelf tools to start a new venture.

You can...

  • Squarespace yourself a website and launch an agency

  • Negotiate drop shipping and start selling on Amazon

  • Grab some open source tools to create your app

  • Design a board game and launch a Kickstarter campaign

  • Or just outsource some engineers to build your own online marketplace

If you get some traction, you can turn on Salesforce and Hubspot, create "content", and start retargeting. You are now optimizing for data-driven growth and it feels great...until you realize your are using the same approach as everyone else.

Whether you are Running Lean, going from Zero to One or whatever, it has become easy to start at startup. You are now hustling against every other hustler for a tiny edge in very competitive, saturated, commoditized, monotonous, mono-markets no matter what you offer.

/ But It Doesn't Feel...Easy

What is still really hard (perhaps even harder today) comes next:

  • Building something that stands above mono-markets.

  • Creating ventures that reveals the passion of their founders and have the momentum to carry a vision to scale.

  • Making something that fast-followers cannot copy...or catch.

Everyone knows that most new ventures get swallowed by the hustle. Most brands that get a bit of traction will get chased-down by fast followers. Most founders will be taking long walks and writing a post-mortem on Medium about what went wrong.

Even the ventures that look like a success can get stalled at key points along the brand development curve -- if you don't see it coming.

/ Great Brands Stand Above The Hustle

Most entrepreneurs would be glad to create something worth copying but they don't start out to create a commodity. Most entrepreneurs started up with a bigger dream.

Call it having a clear story, culture, or mission...some businesses are different.

  • Their fans gush...would you like to hear a story about it?

  • Opportunities come to them...as in receiving hundreds of applications for every job you post. As in the new problem is keeping your sales team from devolving into a bunch of "order takers".

  • They are profitable & they grow...your legal team may ask you to slow down.


If starting is easy, then building a brand makes everything that follows easier…if you can get there.

Is that what you are experiencing today?

If you don't want to piece together another off-the-shelf solution (or feel just shy of losing your edge), then click the button below to start standing your brand above the hustle.

Erik is a highly intelligent and thoughtful brand marketer. He brought a lot of brand building experience to the team at Greenhouse and pushed us to think outside the box. He’s a creative storyteller and is passionate about building brands that have meaning and resonance.
— Barbra Gago - VP of Marketing, Greenhouse Software