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Upright Brand helps founders grow their business. Established by Erik Fabian, a former senior brand marketer at Moleskine and Greenhouse Software, our approach is based on research into the strategies and tactics startups need at each stage of growth.

Emerging Founders Circle

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Emerging Founders Circle


Congrats! You have been approved for one seat in the next Emerging Founders Circle program.


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    / What's Included /

    • One of the three seats in the 3-month Emerging Founders program
    • The opportunity to meet twice-a-month, once as a group and once individually for at least an hour
    • Feedback on your strategic story and brand identity to help you develop a unique position in the market
    • Help thinking through your next launch to avoid those common mistakes that will cost you money and attention
    • Introductions to new people and resources that will upgrade your network
    • People who will hold you accountable...to yourself

    "Erik offers efficiency, a no-frills attitude, transparency and expertise."

    Taeyoon Choi, Organizer, Processing Community Day @ MIT


    / 30-day Guarantee /

    If your are not satisfied with the Emerging Founders Circle program within 30 days, it takes just one email to get your money back.