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Upright Brand helps founders grow their business. Established by Erik Fabian, a former senior brand marketer at Moleskine and Greenhouse Software, our approach is based on research into the strategies and tactics startups need at each stage of growth.


Breakthrough Momentum

Is it easier to fight your way to a goal or be carried there by your fans?

Here are three actions any growing business can use to build the breakthrough momentum needed to create a breakout brand.


But No One Cares As Much As Me

Mature brands ultimately live in the hearts and minds of their fans.

It is a key milestone for any breakout brand when the “center of gravity” of the brand moves from the care of the company to the community.

Create systems that empower your team and fans to drive new breakthrough momentum.

Lead By Giving Back

Breakout brands have the chance to become a standard of success – an icon.

People are already looking up to you, it is time to find new ways to lead your industry and inspire the generation of leaders that are following you.

Transform Your Fans Into A Community

Fan communities become a bonus feature of breakout brands.

Give new fans a place to call home and the responsibility for the protection and growth of your brand.

For founders and executives leading businesses on the cusp of something big, Upright Brand helps you achieve breakthrough momentum.

  • Develop the brand systems that enable your staff and fans to embody your brand

  • Communicate thought leadership, charitable initiatives, and industry leadership rooted in your values

  • Rally your fan community into action

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