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Upright Brand helps founders grow their business. Established by Erik Fabian, a former senior brand marketer at Moleskine and Greenhouse Software, our approach is based on research into the strategies and tactics startups need at each stage of growth.

Confident Founders Are Asking These Three Questions*

(Our job is to help.)


Who Are You?

Clarity is the first step to conversion.

If you sell cake, then tell people you sell cake.

No one likes to be misunderstood and yet too many startups struggle with simply describing -- in plain and simple terms -- what they do.

Find your fans by introducing your brand with a clear name, message, look and feel.

And make delicious cake.


Who’s Your Audience?

Founders often sell to people just like themselves.

Your peers might not be your best or only audience.

Increase your reach by finding the fans that will drive the growth of your brand, wherever they are.

Listen to them with empathy.

Ask yourself what they are hungry for so you can tell them a story that makes them drool.


Why Should They Care?

Strategically locating your brand in relation to your competition and a cultural moment sets your story into action.

People act urgently when they understand why they should care in a world of easy options.

In the right moment even the most common product can be meaningful…it can offer solace in times of tragedy and hope in the face of uncertainty.

Love Is Your Minimum Viable Product

Confident brands create an emotional connection with their fans.

They help their fans express their identities.

And your fans will show their appreciation by growing your business.


“Emotionally connected customers have a 306% higher lifetime value, stay with a brand for an average of 5.1 years vs. 3.4 years, and will recommend brands at a much higher rate (71% vs. 45%).”

– Motista, Leveraging the Value of Emotional Connection for Retailers

“B2B customers are more than 2x as likely to consider a brand that shows personal value over business value, because buyers perceive little difference in the business value that the different suppliers can offer.”

– CEB & Google for Marketing Week, B2B branding: where is the love?



Some Entrepreneurs Are In The Slow Lane

Here is the simple truth: you don’t need a consultant to start building a brand.

If you are a DIY’er with a ton of time on your hands then just do it. With enough hustle you will eventually get there.

There are dozens of good books on branding, design, marketing, communications, and strategy to study along the way. Here are a few resources to start with.

It is just a question of what you value more: your money or your time.

You will invest thousands of dollars to do a project with a service like Upright Brand.

For everyone else your best bets are freelancers and friends.


For those of you who value your time more than money, here is how we work:

We don’t believe you build a new brand around a random name or using the same tactics that conglomerates invented to sell us toothpaste.

New brands just don’t have credibility or time to waste.

Upright Brand helps founders clarify their first brand platform – a name, a story, a look, and a feel – so you can get to testing, fundraising, and finding customers faster.

Even if you are just a founder with a crazy idea.

Even if you don’t know how to define the word “brand”.

You will come away with the confidence to clearly say who you are, who you are for, and why your fans should care – in simple terms that even your dog will understand.

The easiest way to start is to send us an email telling us why you are great and what you want to accomplish.

Or click the button below and schedule a free, 20min consultation to help clarify your goals.


I Was So Nervous Until I Started To Pitch…


*Here’s our answer: For hippos who dropped their ice cream cone we offer a cake called No More Tears.